Now (2013)

mixed media on canvas and wood (acrylic, paper, charcoal, felt, soft pastels)

Artist Statement


While thumbing through a photography book on the Civil Rights movement, I came across an image of a man protesting with a sign that read 'Now'. I was immediately drawn to it and knew that I needed to paint a series that expressed the urgency of this sentiment. At the time, I was thinking that the paintings would speak more globally about standing up for the rights of others and the necessity of doing so at the present moment. As I began to paint, I realized that the message being rendered was much more personal.


The paintings began to speak to me about being fully present wherever I am. They began to speak about living fully and not being afraid to express that fullness no matter the situation. They became the first step on my journey of learning to sit in my emotions, to allow myself to really feel, and to give myself permission to just 'be'. As a result, I can now serve others from a more real and authentic place.


It's a simple word... holding much power... plaguing all it encounters... calling to action everyone in its embrace... it whispers, "do it hungry... do it scared... do it hurt... do it broken... do it single... do it married... do it alone... do it poor... do it rich... do it insecure... do it with heartache..... dance... live... act... love... cry... shout... sing... fly... give... scream... dream... breathe... just breathe... whatever it is you are called to do at any given moment... do it NOW!

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