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without a vision... (2011)

mixed media on canvas (acrylic, paper, charcoal, felt, soft pastels)

Artist Statement


My passion lies in utilizing bold and majestic colors and creating different textures with paper, text, or anything I can find... It is my belief that even in the most dismal of situations, whether we realize it or not, color shapes our world and enhances our sense of being. Subsequently, the beauty of being human and fashioned after a loving God, allows us the ability to be 'creators,' entitling us to design and produce 'somethings' from nothing.


"without a vision..." speaks to the hearts of those who fail to see the importance of self and their contribution to the whole. When painting figures, I usually mask the eyes and sculpt beautiful, full lips because our visions are born when we speak them to existence. Scripture says that 'without a vision, the people perish.' Through these paintings, I hope to awaken a sense of hope in the lives of those who are afraid to dream or who have buried the visions that the Creator has carefully and tenderly placed inside of each and every one of us.

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