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Ink Me

Hayden rushed inside of her apartment door, barely dropping her bags before closing it behind her. Taking her clothes off as she walked, she quickly pranced to the bathroom mirror. She looked at her naked body and smiled.

His face was inked on her torso. The tattoo artist thought she was insane when she requested him years ago, but unlike other men, he would never let her down. Not intentionally. 

Nedyah. That’s what she named him. 

His eyes reminded her of her nipples. His nostrils, her belly button. His beard, her pelvis. She loved him. Every part. And he loved her. He was her secret and she was his. He truly appreciated her every curve, every breath.

They spent every day together. Him whispering to her, telling her secrets of her beauty, about places only he had seen. Knowing her more intimately than anyone had ever known… her odd smells, sweet scents… breathing her in nonstop. He aged as she aged, her stomach flap was his double chin. They were one.

And this was their special time. 

She only saw him at night, every night, when they were alone. She’d look in the mirror, say the magic words... 

“Nedyah, I’m home.”

And he would appear, right before her eyes, stepping outside of her body and into his own. In the morning, before the sunrise, he would return to his place of rest… to his hiding place.

She was sworn to never tell. 

He was her skin and she was his. 


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