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Wow! The World of Words

She shivered at the thought of having to finally venture out. Yet, this is what she was created to do. Looking around, she saw the other letters…

The complete alphabet. 

Some of whom she considered her close friends. All of them, sitting in their spheres, checking to make sure their vehicles were ready for flight. The assignment that they had been given was finally ready, for most of them anyway, and they were prepared to take this journey together. 

She was one of the lucky ones because she was a vowel that they named the letter ‘A’. She would always be in high demand. Her close friends were also vowels, so they knew that they would still team up from time to time. From here on out, they would always be busy… mingling with other letters, finding new friends, sometimes causing strife, and new ways to inform and entertain.

After intense training day and night- weight lifting, strength building, cardio, learning to read themselves, to recognize when they were needed, to write themselves… they were finally equipped. 

Each letter hovered in mid-air, waiting to hear their name so that they could be released into the world. From here on out, they would be on a constant expedition, never to fully return to their place of rest. 

They leave their home, a place they simply call... WOW, in order to exist in a new universe where they transcend space and time. 

A world where they will hold all of the power.


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